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Kryon brings automation to your business for maximum productivity

Discover. Analyse. Automate. These words encapsulate the core activities of Israeli company Kryon in its mission to transform businesses using Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Founded in 2008, “with the desire to help businesses improve productivity” says Gerard List, sales director for Benelux, Nordic countries, and Southern Europe for Kryon Systems, they can now say that “Kryon’s innovative platform, bolstered by artificial intelligence, allows companies to forge ahead towards digital transformation”.

Their work on various solutions has got them to this stage: first, an application offering guidance and assistance with automation; next, cost and efficiency-saving tools; and later, artificial vision technology for virtual machines. And so on, until they came up with the Kryon platform, an easy-to-use, full-cycle RPA for business users”, says List.

“Our hybrid automation enables human and virtual work to come together, to work better together. Businesses can automate their processes from start to finish” explains the sales director. As the expert points out, RPA “becomes an integral part of the huge amount of work a company does: ultimately, it’s a software robot that can be managed like any other team within an organisation, and it can interact with people in the same way as other employees interact amongst themselves”.

Kryon can be used to redefine the main components of a business, and make operations and working environments more efficient: improving employee productivity and satisfaction by up to 70%, eliminating human error (down to 0% according to Kryon), and offering the perfect customer experience. But this isn’t all, adds List: “It also provides a wide range of automation processes and intelligent analysis to ensure organisations are getting the maximum benefit from their investment in RPA”.

Its patented artificial vision technology, ease of use, and RPA scalability are just some of the features that make the Kryon platform unique. That’s why their solution can work in any industry and has already been rolled out in a number of countries.

Kryon is helping companies in the insurance sector to dive into the digital era in a number of ways, outlines List: “Overcoming issues that can arise in manual processes, improving invoice verification, carrying out smarter searches, and improving insurance claim processes”.

They are now taking part in MAPFRE’s insur_space adoption programme, where they will be launching proof of concept tests in Italy, Brazil, and Spain, to showcase their added value and analyse their potential for faster and more efficient business use cases. “This will allow MAPFRE to maximise its potential for RPA more quickly – liberating the people who work on repetitive tasks to work on more worthwhile tasks” says List. Is your business ready to travel the road to complete automation?

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