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Personalised, preventative medication thanks to genomics with Made of Genes

DNA is like our genetic ID card: personal, unique, and non-transferable. Within it, cells hold incredibly valuable information that gives us a direct insight into understanding our bodies better. In particular, our health. Genome analysis, a technique we’re hearing more and more about, can give us information on our predisposition to diseases and the efficacy of a particular treatment on our bodies. In other words, we can anticipate and predict diseases.

Technological advances have made it easier for us to analyse such data and offer improved services in terms of personalised medication. This is what Óscar Flores and Miquel Bru are doing at Made of Genes, a genome sequencing company which in addition to carrying out genetic research that explains what a person is like, also does metabolic analysis to understand how they are.

“We offer genetic analysis of DNA and biochemical analysis. We’re the first company in the world to combine this in a single test. This means that people using the service not only receive information on gene-related risks, but also health guidelines for them to follow in the present and in future” explains Flores, CEO and co-founder. “The healthcare, clinical, and insurance sectors are really positive about the combined test” adds Bru, VP Business Development and co-founder.

The trend for offering additional services to insurance holders – so that they may not actually need to use their insurance – is on the rise in the insurance sector, in health particularly. This is why the company is taking part in MAPFRE’s insur_space adoption programme, with the aim of “tailoring our products and services to the company’s needs” says Bru, and “examining jointly, within a large organisation, what is the best way of improving people’s lives”. 

To do this “we’re going to work on making people’s lives healthy every day, for a better quality of life, and for them to not need to use their insurance” states Flores. It’s a paradigm shift, he says “we’re ultimately moving from reactive to proactive medication, with the aim of patients not getting ill. Personalised medication”.

It’s only natural to question whether an insurance company having access to data as private as genetic information entails a certain level of risk. One of the strengths of Made of Genes is its security and privacy protection. “Insurance companies won’t be using the data to increase premiums. What we’re doing is improving patients’ lives”, Bru reassures us.

In fact, they’ve created a new line designed for the insurance sector where they won’t be analysing diseases as much; “rather, we’ll look at how we can take advantage of genetic and biochemical information and make positive recommendations, without the need to explain having a risk of a specific disease”, explains Flores.

In recent months they’ve also been collaborating with SYNLAB, one of the best laboratories in the world and a leader in clinical diagnostic services in Europe. “In this way, we can guarantee that the whole process, from taking a sample through to confirming the results, is of the highest quality standard. Personalised medication is the future, and at Made of Genes they’re already there.

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