The program​

In the last 3 years, more than 30 startups have entered new markets with the help of MAPFRE, including Spain, Brazil, USA, Mexico, Ireland, Costa Rica, and the Dominican Republic. Where will you find new opportunities to grow?​​

Four words


insur_space is a shortcut to new markets and opportunities using the reach and resources of MAPFRE and our digital brands: Savia and Verti.

We bring everything you need to start your pilot and scale it up, including customers, agents, data, experts, and (of course) money.


What does
insur_space offer?


Access to 26 million customers and 79,000 agents and brokers worldwide, as well as our marketing machinery and arrangements with major media outlets to reach new audiences.​


Up to €100,000 to cover the costs of the pilot without becoming a shareholder of your startup. And if you need more funds, our venture capital line is also available to you.​


Access to properly anonymized historical and/or real-time data, strictly in compliance with the legislation in force in each territory.​

Management and consulting

Each project has an insur_space Pilot Manager to drive the project forward internally and reinforce the collaboration with TOP consulting services if necessary.​

MAPFRE Experts

Our experts do not act as mentors but instead as team members, actuaries, underwriting or operations experts, medical specialists, and more.

Success stories​

AERIAL and MAPFRE join forces to care for our elderly

Both companies are working on a non-invasive solution that discreetly accompanies elderly persons as they move about their place of residence. Research shows that for adults, falling once doubles their chances of falling again. Montreal-based Aerial Technologies and MAPFRE are deploying an AI-driven, ambient technology solution that infers human motion through the distortion of WiFi signals, enabling the in-home movements and routines of older people...

WOOM and MAPFRE join forces to help women through different stages of life, such as pregnancy or menopause, using AI

Throughout its 5-year lifespan, WOOM, a mobile app created by women for women, has registered over 1.5 million users in Europe and Latin America. With the app, Laurence Fontinoy and Clelia Morales, its founders, successfully put technology and innovation at the service of women’s health and fertility. Now they are teaming up with MAPFRE to make these services more accessible to more and more people in Mexico and the Dominican Republic.

MAPFRE and Tractable join forces to apply AI to auto claim adjustment in Brazil

MAPFRE, largest Spanish multinational insurance group in the world, and Tractable, which has developed a market-leading AI-based technology solution to accelerate repair processes after accidents and disasters, are collaborating to help MAPFRE customers get their vehicle damage assessed more efficiently with the help of AI.

Improving mental health in Costa Rica, key in the alliance between Koa Health and MAPFRE

With the global pandemic driving a surge in mental disorders including anxiety and depression, there has never been a greater need for digital solutions to support individuals’ mental health. Created to support mental wellbeing, Koa Foundations includes a library of evidence-based activities to help users deal with stress, poor sleep, worry and anxious thoughts, low self-esteem and more.

MAPFRE and Shift Technology join forces to reinvent the customer claims experience

The Spanish insurer is designing a new claims process supported by claims automation technology from the recognized AI startup. MAPFRE and Paris-based startup Shift Technology have come together to radically transform the way customers deal with insurance claims. Shift, who had already disrupted the insurance world with their acclaimed AI-powered fraud solution, is now leveraging its experience in claims to create a state-of-the-art, end-to-end claims automation solution. Together with MAPFRE, the company aims to deliver an instant, friendly and transparent experience.


Let’s grow

We currently don’t have any calls open. But if you feel that we’d be nuts not to take a look at your project, then feel free to get in touch with us.